I See A Bad Moon Arising…

Awoke with the taste of blood in my mouth. As I brought my hand to my lips I realized my bottom lip was split.  As I came to and took a glance around, I notice three bodies lying near me.  A brunette missing an arm, face down on the ground.  A red head with green eyes staring into space and for a moment I saw her, with this sparkle in her eye, laughing with me.  But now lying lifeless with her torso ripped open, shirt shred up exposing one of her breasts.  The third, a young man, I would say in his early twenties with bruises and scraps all over his nude body.  Not to mention the swollen black left eye.
I wondered how in the world I ended up in such an awkward situation in my very own home. Again, I wondered to myself… what the hell should I do? Immediately I realized I had no choice but to dispose of these bodies.  There was no way anyone would believe that I couldn’t remember what happened before I feel asleep last night.  Maybe I shouldn’t have drank an entire bottle of Chianti.  I continued to question and beat myself up inside.  All the what if’s was causing an enormous tension in the back of my neck.  The next question was how in the world was I going to lift these bodies all by myself?  I’m only 5 foot & 4 inches and 120 pounds! This solution was simple! I had to call someone I trust to come and help me….. without delay, I picked up the phone and called Bruce.

Approximately 2 hours later, Bruce and I took a moment to catch our breath.  Loading three lifeless bodies into my 1987 FJ60 was hard work, let alone any vehicle!  It was approaching 6:00 pm by this time and I had it in my mind to dumb the bodies in a reservoir in a near by town.  We jumped in the truck and off we went.

On the way to the reservoir my mind was going a million miles a minute.  Why was I going to the reservoir to dispose the bodies?  Did I really want to contaminate the water?  Should I just dispose of them in a dumpster?  Was I going to get pulled over?  Would Bruce end up talking?  What if!  What if!  What if!  I could feel my head starting to hurt.

By the time we drove up the hill to the reservoir the sun had already gone down and I could tell by the look on Bruce’s face that he was as eager as I was to get this mission accomplished!  As we pulled off the road and onto the dirt path leading up to the reservoir my heart began to pound.  Once we turned the last bend, it appeared there were a few people already there, just waiting.

As I pulled the truck closer, I glanced at one of the men and noticed his fang shaped teeth and realized that I knew him.  I proceeded to get out of the truck and as I did I heard someone yell out “Sally” behind me.  When I turned around to see who was calling my name, I caught sight of a full moon rising from behind a mountain top in the distance.  All of a sudden, I heard the loudest howl screeching from what seemed to be from within my own chest.  My head began to pound as did my heart.  I turned to look at the man standing next to me, which by this time, forgetting it was Bruce.  Without hesitation I clawed him and bit his head off.  Blood spilling over, the others came to join me for his remains.  I decided to leave the left overs and contemplated my hunt for this “Sally girl” who managed to get away.  And this time I wasn’t going to let her….




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