Today an unforgettable day for those families who lost their homes to a fire here in Southern California. Today, also an unforgettable day for my own family. A day representing an anniversary of losing our home in that fire.

Yes life does go on …. and time flies by …. and you recall all the moments shared in a place of warmth and comfort. Instantly your mind triggers fimilar aromas of things you enjoy and love to smell… including particular things such as tile grout, jimson and earth. Next, your stomach turns sour and sulfur fills your mouth and nostrils. Your eyes swell with liquid and you struggle to rid a choke.

Remembrance circles the mind as a bicycle wheel would and the definition of occupancy is clear once again. Houses do not create families, but rather people create homes.

And again, life goes on …. and time does fly by …. and tomorrow, today will soon be forgotten. The day now, is just another anniversary, along with the many others.

An intense experience of bittersweet sentiment, with a little sting, to be felt again… down the road.



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