Solar Equivalence…

This animated example of the Earth’s size in comparison with our neighbor planets, our sun and a few of the brightest stars of the sky, is an excellent example of how large and vast the universe is! (Definitely helps us sketch that mental image I am always speaking of.) 

And of course here comes the kicker, I know you were waiting for… What is the Biggest Star in the Universe?  

While, VY Canis Majoris; a red hypergiant star, is said to be the largest known to date, some astronomers disagree!  The largest stars are said to be the coolest in temperature, however, does this explain there is actually a cap on how large a star can become?  

And still this leaves us with more questions left without answers.  With the thought of the acceleration and expansion of our Universe, it seems somewhat silly to assume or place a limitation on anything.  Not to mention that we can’t just take a space joy ride and see for ourselves in this case.



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