I May not be a Best friend, But I’m a Damn Good One…

Ever have one of those moments when you are in front of a large audience and you create an episode or rather have a “meltdown”?

This was a recent experience of mine and out of character for me. I had a perfect speech all thought out and ready to be told, when my mind decides to speak out of pure emotion! There I was, choked up and still talking… with high hopes that any minute I would be able to turn the speech back around.

Yes someone came to my rescue…..

We all have those moments where we make a complete fool of ourselves. This was my moment to be an absolute fool on behalf of someone else. Yes you know who you are! I was your fool! I can only hope this shows how much you mean to me, despite my lack of expression!

Needless to say, I was not intoxicated, although I probably should have had a glass of wine ahead of time. ;] Yo digo, “Nunca otra vez”!

P.S. I forgot to mention… I believe the entire event was videotaped! I dread the thought that I could possibly already be on YouTube! ;/


7 thoughts on “I May not be a Best friend, But I’m a Damn Good One…

  1. Vanessa says:

    Man I just discovered that you write alot. I loved this one. I love you dude. You are my best freind. I should have never even doubted it for a second.

    : )

  2. wonderlandhwy says:

    I now laugh instead of cringing or tearing up when I think of this experience. And to think it happened at your wedding! Maybe some day when we are old ladies, we can sit and watch the video! LOL

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