A True Look of Digust!

There was a time in my life in which I had the pleasure (and pain) to work with my brother, Chris. Quite a number of years have pasted since, but one event still stands out in my mind like a sore thumb.

This story unfortunately involves a very filthy and imprudent old man. And what I mean by filthy is: physically dirty, you could smell him long after he had left, he didn’t bother changing his clothes, nor did he care what grime came out of his mouth.

Well rumor had it that this particular customer was fooling around with drugs and prostitutes. Coincidentally we had mutual relations with his neighbors, so we were being told from the horse’s mouth. Not that we really cared to hear about it, but of course we did anyway. He was said to have “no shame in his game”.

One day this man came into our office. Chris was the lucky individual to be in the lobby at the time and of course the one who was going to have to help and deal with this man. Chris did what he needed to do as quickly as possible. When all the business was finished, this man refused to leave before shaking his hand.

Now, with one look at this man’s appearance, no one in their right mind would shake his hand. Let alone with the knowledge of all the nasty things he was involved in.

There was absolutely nothing that Chris could say to make him draw back his hand! There they both stood with the funniest looks on their faces. There was just no way that this man was going to let Chris keep him hanging.

I don’t think I have ever seen my brother run that fast anywhere… like he ran that day to the restroom.


2 thoughts on “A True Look of Digust!

  1. WonderlandHwy says:

    So.. someone messaged me with a name yesterday regarding this post. It was not Chris either! Close my friend, very close… but wrong filthy & imprudent old man!
    I did have to slightly edit the story a bit to avoid law suits! ‘;D
    Although, damn that was a great guess of yours! ;]

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