Whispers of a Bittersweet Mantra…



It hasn’t been quite a month yet, and already I think I’m possibly longing to go back!  And no matter how busy I keep myself to keep my mind clear, it is still industrious with a stream of thoughts…..  


The comforting sound of silence.

The clean and fresh air.

No trash on the streets.

Steep and adventurous trails leading to hideaways.

The exfoliating sting of being washed up in coral sand.

The unfamiliar “hello” from smiling faces you pass by.

No need for alarm clocks.

The best foaming Lattes on earth!

The mysterious history.

The refreshing and hardening of red earth all over your skin.  

The giddy feeling of being.

Every look, from every direction is picture perfect!


I glance at my earth stained fingernails, right before putting them into my pockets where my hands grasp the remnants of dirt, glass and coral. Not a moment too soon, I hear a whispering bittersweet mantra, reminding me where my soul belongs.




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