31 Flavors

Do you recall your trip to the ice cream parlor as a child???

I do! And to think of it, I can recall many of my ice cream adventures. You see, as a child, I wasn’t into candy or junk food. This could have been a direct effect of my organic and natural stricken diet that was brain washed into my mind since birth by my father! Nevertheless, I enjoyed ice cream very much.

In fact, Thrifty’s ice cream was one of my favorites! Whenever mom needed to go pick up something from the drugstore, there I stood peering into the glass wondering how many scoops my mom would compromise on. My brother never picked the same flavors as me, so we did always get a taste of each others. But a taste is not the same as a cone piled high with more flavors and scoops than can be consumed. I always wished I would be allowed to get one scoop of every flavor… Of course I was never really allowed to get more than two… but my hopes never failed.

So imagine how much joy I felt taking my own son to get a scoop of ice cream for the first time? And I don’t mean before he could remember or before he couldn’t make his own decision on which flavor. The very first time he could pick the flavor and hold the cone all by himself! I held him to the glass and read off each flavor. Black cherry, cookies and cream, rocky road, mint & chip, chocolate, strawberry, bubble gum, butter pecan, pistachio nut, rainbow sherbert, chocolate malt crunch and many others…..

And to my amazement, at three years of age, he asks, “Do they have vanilla?” Now of course they have vanilla, but was this really his flavor of choice? I must have asked three more times and every answer was vanilla!

I didn’t deny my poor child, I let him get his cone with vanilla. I was just somewhat shocked is all. Why in the world, would my son choose vanilla? Was he just overwhelmed with decisions that he went with an easy and familiar choice?

Low and behold, my son is now six years old. Every single outing to Rite-Aid, Cold Stone or even the local supermarket, I receive the same request… vanilla flavored ice cream.

He has even declared that he does have another favorite …. Golden vanilla!

Yes, he has clarified that vanilla, golden vanilla and vanilla bean are three different flavors and his three top favorites!

And yes, I still enjoy ice cream very much!

In fact, I have planned an outing just for the occasion.

And this time, I don’t have anyone to compromise with…


2 thoughts on “31 Flavors

  1. clpakamom says:

    well this one sure did make me laugh. Through the eyes of little Cyrus and his only choice always VANILLA!!! I don’t think he will ever try another flavor I have tried on many occassions to change his mind and try something new. No Way. Its VANILLA all the way!!!!

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