Good Old Fashion Shut Eye

I enjoy waking up in the morning without any knowledge of dreams, whether good or bad. A brief moment of “no thoughts”, often times, provides me with a sense of refresh. So you can imagine the wonderment that is crossing my mind this early morning at approximately 2:00 am, when I realize that I am dreaming.

Now I met up with some friends in this dream, so the overall state of my mind is somewhat content. Until the dream turns sour… I start feeling this stinging sensation in my hand and back. This is the point at which I realize that I am dreaming. So as my brain is trying to figure out why I’m feeling these sensations. I next realize that these sensations are reality! I am physically feeling this sting of pain! And the most recent sting is coming from my finger.

I sit up and turn the light on to evaluate the situation. I’m staring at my finger as my eyes are adjusting to the light, just in time to see the redness and minor swelling.

Now being that I am allergic to many types of insect bites, I know the typical reactions and symptoms of my body to mosquitoes. And throbbing pain has never been one of them.

Immediately, I begin freaking out a little because my symptoms are leading me to a spider bite. So I get some topical ointment and start ripping through my clothes, pillow and sheets…. Until I feel the stab of throbbing and stinging pain coming from my shoulder. I look in the mirror to see the swollen and reddened area.

Next, I go to the fridge and pull out an ice pack to see if this could help calm the bites down, so I could really evaluate the situation.

Narrowing it down to a spider bite was my conclusion. Subsequently, was or should I say IS, my debate on whether or not I need to take myself to the emergency room…..

So here I am, and yes I am managing to type. Possibly to help keep myself calm. I really don’t want to wake my family up. Especially since my significant other was rather annoyed by the episode of me ripping through all the covers to see if I could locate the pest that bit me. However, I have been known to have severe reactions to insect bites and believe or not, I have always had the feeling that my fate would end with a kiss from a black widow.

Perhaps all my recent involvements with spiders, have led up to this situation. Possibly my spider karma so to speak?

So if YOU don’t see a new blog soon, should you assume the worst?

Well, I do not necessarily think death is the worst but it isn’t the best… Wait that statement could possibly be controversial… and it’s too early for that kind of thought at the moment. So here’s an update…

My finger isn’t throbbing anymore, just a little numb from the ice pack. The stinging in my shoulder has subsided but shooting pains are running down my bicep to my elbow. I did pop some Benadryl, so maybe I will be just fine!

I can honestly say, at the moment all I care about is rest. I went to bed with a splitting headache and unsettled background music of Alice in chains, just to awake with all this drama. I choose neither.

I choose good old fashion shut eye.


One thought on “Good Old Fashion Shut Eye

  1. Lisa says:

    Well, my darling…I am glad that you left a short diary entry before your death! I am thankful to know what took your life before awaiting a drawn out autopsy!

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