“It was Only Yesterday, I was Winded”…

We are all familiar with the saying “time flies when you’re having fun”, and we all really know that time will fly by whether we are really having fun or not!

The passage of time is such an interesting occurrence. In the moment of any given point in time, it is somewhat hard to watch the time actually pass. Now watching the ticking of a clock or watching the sun set are really some of the few ways that we can actually see the passage of time in real time. However when time is grouped up into large amounts of intervals, such as minutes, hours, days, months or even years, it is a lot easier to comprehend. A more obvious example, is that as humans we age. The older we get, the more our bodies tend to show it. And skin has its tendency to wrinkle.

As human kind, we start out as the ingenuous and pay little attention to the time. “Then one day ten years have gone behind you.” All of a sudden, time is of the essence, and we realize just how little of it we actually have.

As a parent, a new definition of time is revealed. As you watch your child grow, time seems to move at an accelerated speed. And on this note, it brings me to a story; A story of a man and his son.

The man’s name is John Royer. His son is a good friend of mine. I had the pleasure recently to finally get to met him. During one of our many conversations, we arrived on the subject of children. He began to tell me the story of when Johnny Jr. was born.

As so many of us know, prediction of when a child will be born or how to prepare for the arrival is almost never an accurate thing. Children seem to come at the most interesting moments and there is always some sort of struggle involved. Especially if the struggle involves your first child. Then you really only have an idea of what to expect.

Johnny Jr. was in fact John’s first child. He told me about how he had to drive crazy to get his pregnant wife to the hospital and rush all around. When everything calmed down for a moment and John thought he had a second to rest, he realized that he did not have a camera. Now, in this moment John was aware of how fast moments go by. Johnny Jr. was his first child and possibly could be his only. So John made the decision to rush to the hospital gift shop and purchase a disposable camera. Being that the gift shop was at the other end of the entire hospital, that meant that John had to hurry and hurried he did. He made it back just in time, to take a breath, to be by his wife’s side and to be able to snap a few priceless pictures of his new born son.

Johnny Jr. is now in his late twenties and John has had the opportunity to experience the births of two other children. His comments to me of the experience of the birth of Johnny were very heart felt. And he explained to me that this was a moment in time that he would never forget, even though it has been more than twenty six years since. He said, “It felt like only yesterday, I was winded!” Winded from running down the hall with his camera to capture one of the most precious moments he would ever get to experience.

I could tell for John by only knowing him a few minutes, just how proud he was of his son John Royer Jr. And what good reasons he had to be.

This experience was truly a vivid moment for John. And just like John, we all have these moments that we adhere to throughout the years. No matter how long ago that moment occurred or what that moment means to each of us. This is one of the beauties of recollection. It is not confined to the limitations of time. Memories are truly timeless.


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