High Hopes & Low Blows…

I am an extremely motivated person by nature.  I set numerous goals for myself; long term & short term.  Setting short term goals for yourself is important.  They are easily achievable and give you a sense of accomplishment.  Short terms goals help keep you interested in your long term goals.  Long terms goals are also important.  They give you something to look forward to and help keep you motivated.

I also have very high expectations of myself.  Every individual has an idea of what they are capable of.  There are times when you fall short of your expectations, this however is just more of a reason for you to try harder.

If you are the kind of person who thinks or tells yourself you will never be able to accomplish your dreams.  Then you obviously set low expectations for yourself.  I feel sorry for you, but will not sympathize for you.


Now, I am a boss, a mother, a wife, a sibling, a daughter and a college student.  I have many expectations placed on me.  I do not get cut any slack nor do I expect any.


So does it come as a surprise when others around me often tell me that my expectations of them are too high? Yes it does actually.  I do not feel my expectations are too far off.  If you are lazy or a slacker, I feel sorry for you but I will not sympathize for you.  Find ways to motivate yourself like the rest of us.


I have always been the kind of person to go above and beyond.  But I’ll be damned before I sacrifice my own goals, dreams and hopes for any one else’s.  This might sound selfish, mean or whatever you might think.  However, if I concentrate on myself and you concentrate on you, then we can work together towards are together goals.  And life would be bearable and we would be a team.


It is relevant that there aren’t very many team players out there.  Perhaps, none in my realm or hardly any that I have encountered.  Time has created lines on my face and my hopes of true team players are diminishing.  I can honestly admit that I am bumming it.  I know that I won’t be bumming it forever.  Deep down there is still hope within me, and maybe, just maybe, that team player will turn up at just the right time.  In the meantime, All I can do is die trying.


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