Start Up Fever…

It has never been part of my character to be down for too long. Something is always around the bend ready to get me fired up! ;]

A Moment We have All Been Waiting For…

Now I can say, my patience has finally paid off in this case and soon my long wait for CERN’s particle collision experiment will be no more. The LHC will be getting turned on tomorrow morning in Switzerland, which is approximately tonight @ 9:00 PM PST!!!! Uk’s BBC Radio Station 4 will be broadcasting the entire event! For more information go to CERN’s website direct @ here. Also to get tuned in, visit BBC Radio 4 @ Here!

So, you know I will be tuned in tonight. And Of course, I will keep all of you eager beavers tuned in as well. I will be @ home for all of you who want to join me! ;]


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