Sometimes Being CraZy Pays Off….

So let me explain….

I am taking this math class, which as you might already know, is time consuming when it comes to getting homework done. So knowing this, I decided to try and get ahead of the game by doing the next section’s homework. Then at the next class, I realized that I had done some of the homework incorrectly. Because I felt it was going to be a mess going through and erasing the answers I had wrong and confirming the ones I had right, I made the decision that I would just start over from scratch.

So nevertheless, I got busy working on the homework. By the time I got to where I had left off the first time I attempted this section, I took a small break to shred the first set so that I wouldn’t get the homework mixed up. Especially since a typical homework assignment consists of a number of pages. I threw the torn pages in the trash and continued with my homework.

Tonight I also have class and I only had 15 more minutes before I had to leave. I was trying to get the rest of the problems done before it was time to clean up. However, I needed to know which problem was next on my list. As I started thumbing through my pages for page #1 that had the list of problems I had to do on it, I realized it was missing. After taking a few minutes to search my entire desk, it dawned on me that I must have torn up the first page of the correct set that I was working on and needed to turn in! In a panic, I went to the trash can to dig out the torn pages….. it figures that I would tear all the sheets into 1 inch by 1 inch in size. Making it a puzzle to put back together. After trying for a moment, I decided it would take less time redoing the homework.

And of course, by this time, it was time to leave so that I wouldn’t be late for class. But I did not have the list of which problems I still needed to do — again. So I proceeded in logging on to our school’s blackboard real quick, to write down the homework assignment. This is when I noticed an announcement posted today by my teacher cancelling class tonight due to him not feeling well!!!!

Now, let’s go over this again! If I had not shred my good set of the homework assignment, I wouldn’t have had to log into the class to figure out what the assignment was again. Therefore, I would have not known that the class was cancelled until I got there tonight and wasted my precious gas and time! ;]


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