Cheez Wizzed!

This year my son has become a huge Los Angeles Dodger Fan. His motto from birth was “Think Blue”, seriously! He has even convinced me as to why blue is the best color! ;] Anyways, we ended up getting alot of free Dodger tickets this year. Well on this one particular occasion, we were in some extra crowded seating. Of course I had to have my super Dodger dog (my tradition) and I just had to have nachos this time. So there we were in our seats, freezing and watching the game. I had my hood on and was continuing to stuff my face with my pile of nachos. I heard some commotion behind me, but I honestly paid no attention. All of a sudden, a beach ball plopped right in my lap on top of my nachos. The guy sitting next to me grabs the ball and is about to throw it when I noticed it was full of nacho cheese. While I was struggling to get napkins out of my pocket, this other guy behind us screams “Who Cares” and smacks the ball out of the hands of the guy sitting next to me. The ball went hurling down below us as cheese was flung everywhere over the heads of the crowd. Now a couple of people were glancing my way, but that didn’t stop me from finishing my nachos! ;]]


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