Going Through the Motions…

When I sat down at my desk this morning, I took one glance at my desk and thought, Do I really have to be here today?? Not that my desk was on the verge of a major disaster as it so often seems to be. In fact it looks a hell of a lot better than it usually does. How clean my desk is or isn’t, really is not the stem of me not wanting to work today though. Maybe it’s the repetitious work that’s getting to me. The heat outside sure isn’t helping either. I guess I would much rather be off doing something fun and exciting!!! ;]
I do have school tonight and I am looking forward to going. House MD’s season premier is tomorrow (yaaahhhh)! And I am going to be starting this electronics class on September 29th. So I do have many things to look forward to and keep me busy. Not to mention the numerous active hobbies I am involved in! My life is far from boring. However, I still do not feel like working. Flushing responsibility down the toilet is sounding pleasurable and entertaining at the moment. ;]


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