Who’d You Like To Meet?

Why SpOiL the Anticipation and Fantasy of meeting that FaVoRiTe Someone!

Often times you get to meet or get to know that special someone and you realize that you don’t really like them at all. You just enjoyed the idea of knowing them.

Mystery is to die for…



5 thoughts on “Who’d You Like To Meet?

  1. WonderlandHwy says:

    Oh Love, I assure you that I am more than interesting, You just wait! There is no way our date is being cancelled damn it.

  2. Sometimes, you are suprised to know that even your wildest dream could not prepare you for what you encounter. I could not wait to meet my unborn child. After the birth, I feared that it may be not what I made it out to be. To my surprise, it was even better than I could have hoped or dream.

    But I do think you have a point with ordinary people. The media turns them into darlings, but when we meet them we recognize they are just like us… human, imagine that? We must ask, is it them or is it your unrealistic expectations. Just thinking out loud.

    I, of course, am the exception that breaks the rule. True dat.

  3. wonderlandhwy says:

    Excellent observation! And I too know the feeling of how it feels to learn that someone could supersede your expectations. My child was also the one who gave me the experience! Truly magnificent…. and continues to be. And to think we even have the desire to meet anyone, when we have the opportunity to enjoy and love the most important people to us, who are by the way… growing into unique individuals, right in front of us!

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