….”Come down and waste away with me, down with me, slow how, you wanted it to be… I’m over my head, out of her head she sang”….

Back in 2001, a girlfriend and I decided to go on a roadtrip. Now, I don’t know about you but I absolutely love road trips. Adventure, discovery, the unknown and all that jazz excites me. So our plan was to drive all the way up California’s coast and our destination was San Francisco.

Besides the many things that happened and occurred on this trip, the most memorable event that came about was when we were camping at a state beach in Oceano.

While I was sleeping in our tent, my friend had met some other friendly campers. This was not out of the ordinary, as she is a very friendly person and is always meeting new people. So of course I was awakened by her telling me that I just had to meet these cool people that she had been hanging out with while I had been asleep. As I was getting myself together, I wondered who in the world was I going to meet. With Vanessa, I never knew what to expect!

I exited the tent to find a man and a woman. They both appeared to be in their mid 40’s. The woman looked hippie-ish with her long crinkled skirt and waist long hair that contained a couple dread locks. The man was somewhat clean cut with a mustache and reeked of alcohol. They seemed to be chill people.

Well, a few hours past, and by now I was getting tired of hearing this man boast about his brand spanking new 2001 convertible corvette. Meanwhile, Vanessa was on a mission to get some firewood to start a bon fire. This man continued to ramble about his corvette, which gave me an idea! I asked him if he would be so kind as to give us a lift in his “g – ride” to go to the local store to get some firewood. Because his corvette was a coupe this proposed a problem, only one of us could go. Not to mention the fact that he was drunk and I really had no real intentions of letting him drive us. So somehow I managed to talk him into handing me over his car keys. I sold him the idea by explaining how awesome it would be if Vanessa and I could cruise the Pismo strip in his screaming pimp ride.

So there we were….. I in the driver’s seat and V at my side… crusin’ the Pismo Beach strip. Music cranked up and heads turning on both sides of the street. That’s when Vanessa got the brilliant idea that we should take the hard top off and cruise PCH (Hwy 1) next. Little did we know that it took real finesse to remove a hard top. Although, we really should have known better. But we had nothing to lose and both of us were always looking for cheap thrills! ;] After struggling for a few minutes, I decided that taking the top off was not a good idea. So since we were pulled over, Vanessa insisted it was her turn to take the corvette for a spin. That was no problem for me, so we traded spots and headed east on PCH.

Cruising Over 90 mph, worries were irrelevant and our hair blowing with the wind. That was truly a moment of pure bliss. And the tune on the radio was the confirmation.. .. “And I wonder.. when I sing along with you, If everything could ever feel this real forever, If anything could ever be this good again” …..

Just in that moment, when we were on top of the world and when things couldn’t get any better, wouldn’t you know it… things had to reverse!

The hard top detached itself from the car and flew behind us. I turned my head just in time to see it land top down and skid across the highway. Apparently, we had not secured it back correctly during our struggle to remove it! Oops! Vanessa is screaming at me as to what we should do. Well, obviously we needed to turn around, pick up the hard top and evaluate the damage.

After retrieving the hard top, we found a liquor store parking lot that was lit where we could get a better look at the condition the hard top was in. Son of a gun, the hard top was somewhat mangled and the scratches appeared far from repairable. We thought maybe the liquor store had some rags where we could at least rub the top down with. Just at that moment, a truck full of guys pulled up. Obviously, they were interested in what us too young ladies were doing in our convertible corvette. Of course, Vanessa starts explaining our situation to these guys. And of course, these guys were more than willing to help us with our situation. One of the guys helped me fasten the hard top back on the corvette as best as we could. Then they insisted on buying us dinner first.

So over dinner, I was organizing the plan of action. I decided to go back to the camp ground, drop off the corvette, retrieve our tent and my car and hit the road. Well, wouldn’t you know it, Vanessa refused to go back and contribute to the situation. My opinion was that we should not be scared because he gave us his keys first of all. And second, we needed to return the car. Grand theft auto was not something that was intended here. I was going back alone if I had too. Again, of course one of the guys volunteered to help me. Everyone else agreed that they would wait for us until we got back.

By this time, a few hours had past. I’m sure that the owner of the corvette was worried, if not already looking for us.

When we arrived back at the camp site, lucky for us no one was in sight. We parked the corvette, loaded up my Jetta with the tent and our belongings and hit the road. On the way out of the park, we saw the owner of the corvette walking and looking around. I put the petal to the metal, let me tell you!

We met back up with Vanessa and the other guys. Now that Vanessa and I didn’t really have any plans or a place to stay, these guys suggested that we go with them to the beach front sand dunes in Oceano and stay the night with them in their hotel.

The beach front sand dunes were unreal. It reminded me of what glamis must be like, Only better! We raced around in one of the guy’s lifted truck. Still the distant words “..Tonight, I throw myself into and out of the red, out of her head she sang” …. were on my mind as we rode around on some motorcycles and quads, having a blast all the while. After we were all tired, we decided to head to the hotel where the guys had a room.

Now, this part of the story is somewhat funny to me. Because I was literally the one that was helped by one of the guys with the whole corvette situation, apparently he expected me to put out at the end of the night as his reward. First of all, there was something funny about this guy and second, I never asked for his help. He made the decision to help me on his own free will. Helping me with expectations was seriously his bad. Besides, I made it clear earlier that night that I would solve the situation alone. I was more upset at that moment that Vanessa didn’t want to help me and not that I needed help from this guy anyway.

So now that I was turning down this guy’s offer or rather demand, it made him somewhat upset. He insisted that I “was drunk”! I assured him with a laugh that I was not drunk and again I turned him down. By this time, I recall being annoyed and told Vanessa it was time!!! Away we went, and I drove us back to Pismo to crash out on the beach! The sound of the waves from high tide soothed us to sleep in no time.

I remember awaking that next morning feeling refreshed with the distant sound of music on my mind “And I wonder…If everything could ever feel this real forever, If anything could ever be this good again” ……

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