Mission Accomplished




Many thanks to those of you who called to be sure I made it back safely from my business trip.  And as you might already know, my trip was super.  My business engagements were productive and the business trip turned into Friday night on the Las Vegas strip.  My sister just happened to accompany me for the long drive.  


The main highlight of Vegas was at the Paris Hotel and Casino.  We decided to stick around and watch a cover band over a classic margarita.  At first I thought it was going to be a struggle getting the drink down since it was actually the worst margarita I have ever had in my life.  However, the band was entertaining and after a few sips, the drink went down a lot smoother. ;]  Everyone appeared to be enjoying themselves around us and I was able to capture some cool shots of some of the couples dancing and groups of people making fools of themselves.

And just as time does, it flew by so quickly, in no time at all we were already on the road headed back home.


We made such great time getting back to town that we decided that we had a few more hours left in us before we really needed to go home and catch some z’s.  That’s when we pulled into the parking lot at the local community blood bank.  Now, over the past seven years, I have had my blood drawn more times than I can bother remembering. However, come to think of it, this was the first time I have ever donated blood.  They set me up in their system to get my very own donor ID card.  And while I was waiting, I could not stop the feelings of fascination I felt to see not only how busy this place was, but to see the names of all the donors who have donated between 10 and 93 gallons of blood!  Now that may not seem like a lot at first thought however, allow me to outline the figures:


The Max of any One donation is 1 pint!


It takes 8 pints to make 1 gallon!


And the kicker: You can only donate blood every 56 days.


It takes on average 1.5 years before you reach a donation of 1 gallon.


So the fact that these plaques on the walls began at donations in the amount of 10 gallons, you can really paint an understanding of donors and their long term commitment and contribution.  Of course there are a few exceptions and ways to donate more than just 6 pints a year. But 93 gallons…. WOW! 


During the process, you see your own pint of blood and you realize just how much and how little a pint is, both at the same time.


It makes me smile to think that my business trip turned into the night in Las Vegas which then turned into the contribution of saving lives. I don’t think I will have any trouble sleeping tonight! 





2 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished

  1. Life Saver says:

    You may have just saved my life! What a great felling, a powerful feeling, knowing that 1 pint of your blood can save someone’s life! You go girl…

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