“The suspense is terrible… I hope it will last!”

There is an incredible feeling one receives about the unknown, whether the result or conclusion of the unknown is good or bad!  The beauty about the unknown is not really the unknown itself.  The beauty actually resides on the road to confirming the unknown.


There’s something about the adrenaline rush you get while hoping for the positive outcome.  And there is also something bittersweet about that pain in your gut as you contemplate the worst possible outcome.


It’s to wonder if we really care about the outcome at all? Then again, Of course we do.  As humankind, we are inclined to get to the bottom of things, even if it kills us.  I think it is safe to say we are more curious than the cat!


And once the outcome is known, do we simply lose our interest in the subject altogether?  Does it depend on the outcome?  Is it simply the chase that keeps us entertained and not the catch? Or does the catch/outcome bring true satisfaction?  Is it at this point that we move on to the next unknown?


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