Dreaming of A Rainy Day….

Funny as that may sound, I really have been.  I just love the way the earth smells after a good rain.  Everything just seems so refreshed too.  Rainy days have this tendency to give you the desire to want to relax next to a fire, drink hot tea, sleep in or have a quiet evening reading a good book.  And wouldn’t you know I love those kind of things. ;] Of course you were probably thinking that I just wanted to try out that new jacket I just bought! hahaha… honest… it wasn’t even a thought on my mind.

Another interesting thing about this topic was that I wasn’t the only one feeling like this.  When I picked the Pep up from school today, he was quick to ask me why it hasn’t rained in a thousand days.  I explained seasons to him and also mentioned it would be raining soon enough.  In fact once it starts raining I said, you will more than likely be hoping it will stop.  He still insisted that he was looking forward to it… and the truth is that I am too.

Apparently we were both on the same page today.  And considering he is a six year old and lives and breathes video games, you can understand how rare these occasions seem to occur anymore.


5 thoughts on “Dreaming of A Rainy Day….

  1. Miss Fall says:

    Porsha has a book that fits this topic perfectly! It is about a little boy who wants it to snow so he can build a snowman. He wants snow so bad that everything he touches becomes his own snowman, like mashed potatoes, bath bubbles, cotton balls glued to his dog! Each time he gets in trouble by his parents. Then it finally snows. He is excited, makes tons of snowmen. And then, he CAN’T wait for for it to be sunny again.

    On the other hand, it is almost October and it is hot as heck. I don’t want rain, just a cloudy sky with cool weather.

  2. wonderlandhwy says:

    The book does fit! The Pep told me that it felt like he was being roasted in a toaster during recess at school! ;] And lately all he has wanted to watch besides Indiana Jones is Frosty the Snowman. hahaha

    I want rain! I think I am going to rally up the troops and have a rain dance!!! ;]

  3. mom says:

    Well the pow wow is on this weekend. Maybe the indians there could chant for some rain. If nothing else there will be 100’s of indians maybe we could get something out of it while they are pounding on those drums!!! Put your indian face on and join them. HA HA

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