My Spidar was off the Charts Again….

For those of you who already know about my spidy sense, then this one sure won’t come as much of a surprise.  Last night, or rather early, early this morning, my spidar was off the charts!  So at approximately 4:00 am, while you were all nestled and more than likely were snug in your bed, I was on the move and hunt to find the familiar culprit.  I was thrilled to be able to get some great shots of this widow that I can add to my collection.  Give me some feedback… by letting me know what you think!!!!!



2 thoughts on “My Spidar was off the Charts Again….

  1. Spider Woman says:

    Cool pics! So was this guy on the attack and you had a spidy 6th sense? Or were you just delirious and on a spider hunt? You are so funny.

    …Keep an eye out on AC for some new publications! Coming soon to a computer near you 😉

  2. wonderlandhwy says:

    Listen Spider Woman, spiders are magnetized to me. I can’t help it. This you should know already, right? You are a spider woman and are extremely attracted to me… see point proven!

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