“Born To Be Down…”

“… I think you get used to it …

And you just dont get it, You keep it copacetic

And you learn to accept it …”

These words I feel are very familiar to everyone.  Throughout our lives we experience and feel many different things.  Often times, we find ourselves having a hard time understanding why things have to be this way or that way.  We typically drive ourselves insane in these moments… the vicious cycle of analyzing the scenario round and round in our mind. 

Eventually, as an individual, you have to come to the point where you no longer ask why.  Obviously, the numerous amount of time you have spent in contemplation has led you to the conclusion that the answer is what it is and that there is not some alterior meaning behind it. No matter how much you hope for that desired outcome.  This makes it harder for the individual to get over it.  Perhaps because deep down inside of you there was this hint of hope.  It is not uncommon for a person to be hopefull to the very end and even then after.  As a human being, this instilled hope is what keeps us going long after we feel we can’t.  This is definitely one major characteristic that separates many of us.  This instilled hope drives you to not give up!

Which leads you as the individual to learn how to accept things, whatever those “things” may be!  Acceptance is often a hard road and possibly even a very lomesome one. 

But one day you are “Bound” to wake up and realize that you are “OK” with it.  You no longer have to live on that vicious cycle carousel.  Besides, you were the one who stayed on the ride in the first place.


Inspired by the song “Bound For the Floor”, By Local H! You can check out their myspace page and listen to their music HERE   


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