Donuts, Donuts, More Donuts & Ahhhhh!

So I had this dream the other night.  I was in a donut shop having breakfast.  I remember looking at my plate thinking.. Wow, I have a maple bar, an old fashion, a bear claw, a glazed, sprinkles upon sprinkles, ohh and my favorite, a cake donut with pink frosting … Damn I am lucky!  I had a fork and knife in my hand and I was going for it.

This was the point in the dream where I starting figuring out it was a dream and not reality.  Typically, I am the kind of person who watches my sugar intake, so why was I splurging on a plate full of donuts?? I got up from the table in that moment and decided that I should get a grip and go wash up in the restroom.  As I walked into the women’s restroom, I couldn’t figure out why everyone was staring at me until I walked over to the sink and glanced in the mirror……

Ahhhhhhh, I saw Homer Simpson in the mirror!  All I remember happening next was me running frantically out of the donut shop knocking stuff over as I flew by and not looking back until I was in the middle of the street screaming all the while….

Hahaha  – When I think of it, it still makes me laugh!

3 thoughts on “Donuts, Donuts, More Donuts & Ahhhhh!

  1. doough!
    Homer Simpson is your inner ego. LOL
    I thought you were going to be naked, the Homer Simpson took it to another dimension. This is the case where a dream is clearly a dream. You deserve a doughnout for real now!

  2. wonderlandhwy says:

    This seems out there, believe me, I’m the one who dreamed it. When I analyzed it, I remembered that the day before, a co-worker of mine had purchased my favorite donut and had it waiting on my desk for me… what a kiss ass huh! ;] Since we then had a conversation about donuts, I think it was just on my mind. Not to mention, I think that many Americans can associate donuts with Homer Simpson! LOL
    But I will clarify that my inner ego is FAR from the classification of Homer! haha ;]

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