Don’t Know About You….

But I am craving those whistle lollipops! I was thinking cherry, watermelon or sour apple….. do those even exist anymore? I am more than likely going to have to google this to figure out where to find one!  Because it’s not like i can just take a trip down to Willy Wonka’s factory and have one made for me…..

Ok, so the first person who sends me one…. will be the coolest ever! ;]

Am I delirious from studying for the two tests I have next week or what? LOL


2 thoughts on “Don’t Know About You….

  1. drdeathslover says:

    Since you are bringing up old candy, what about those Bonkers????!!!!
    Those were my absolute favorite. They looked like the bubble yum gum, square with outside flavor and some had a different filling, like strawberry banana. Oh my…..what happened to all of the good candy?

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