Yesterday’s Imagination

It has been so long since I held you.
Has that much time really passed?
Already I feel I’m falling apart.
Could I just be imagining?
Love is what you feel.
Or is it just what I think?
Seeing you and being around you only makes it harder.
Does this mean I haven’t let go?
Being in your presence is the only way for me to feel better.
Or do I enjoy torturing myself?
Wishing and wanting lead me to temptation.
Could this just be an excuse to defer dreaming?
Making sure to watch the sunset.
Is this my way to avoid watching the time?
Spend time with others forgetting.
Or is this my way of regretting?
Reminding you of how “we” used to be.
Could this be my way of staying your friend?
Being your friend is just too difficult.
Or is this just my way of not becoming your nobody?
I have been without you since forever.
Perhaps it was only yesterday!


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