Waiting On Verizon…

So what is new!

It seems this is beginning to happen to often lately.  Because tonight was actually suppose to one where I was planning on to relax and browse the web, wouldn’t it figure that my good old buddy Verizon would decide to have issues.  Recently I made the brilliant decision to consolidate my tv service with my telephone and internet account with verizon fios.  Previously I have never had any issues or problems with my internet until I made this change.  Now, my local landline is all screwed up.  If you try to call my house from local landlines you get a message indicating my phone number has been disconnected.  Somehow all the solicitors in the book can get through without any problems.  So those who want to call my landline have to use their cell phones.  Apparently, cell phones can get through without any problems.  This never really bothered me because I rarely use my landline anyway and I can call out without any issues.  Conveniently, since I have to use verizon’s router for my tv, I am beginning to experience extreme issues with my internet connection.  Web pages won’t load and I keep getting server error messages.  This is extremely irritating.  TV and telephone I can do without… but without internet… I might just go crazy.  One of the few nights where I have a moment to relax and browse the web or upload my photos to my blogsite, and thanks to verizon, I am here just waiting.  There should be NO ISSUES with a 15 Mbps/5Mbps connection! And come to think of it, I recently was notified that I was upgraded to a 20 Mbps/5Mbps connection at no additional charge.  The problem is not on my end!  So what is the deal, seriously??

Now, it is getting late, I am ready to cash out and the last sunset pic has yet to be added to my above blog.  I guess I have no choice but to wait until tomorrow to add it.

I wonder why I decided to switch my tv service to fios anyway.. Oh that’s right, I wanted to save a few bucks and since I hadn’t experienced any problems with my internet service previously I said why not.  I already hated verizon entities.  I might just have to pay the disconnect fee and switch my tv service back to Directv.  All my thoughts of despising verizon are just being confirmed.  And I have even mentioned any of the issues I have with the lousy, monopoly, Verizon DSL 3.0Mb connection I have to deal with day after day at work!  All my telephone calls…. All the time I have spent wasted on this company… All the money I have spent…. All the refunds that they have even willing given me because they already know about all the issues they have and how much they suck and had no choice but to satisfy this dissatisfied customer.

Thank you Verizon and all your affiliates. Not!


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