Saw V

The movie is now in theatres and although I have already read the reviews and comments about it, I am still going to see it.  In fact I am getting ready to go see it tonight and will admit I am excited.  So stay tuned all of you horror flick lovers… i will be back in a few hours and post my own review!!!! ;]


I believe that the reviews were negative in regards to Saw V because they were expecting it to be as gorey as the last four movies. However, there were things that needed to be tied together and that is exactly what this movie did!  Also, despite the reviews stating that the ending was disappointing, well, I thought that it was perfect.  The movie was awesome and now I honestly can’t wait for Saw VI.


4 thoughts on “Saw V

  1. Scared to Death says:

    What! You are going to see the movie?! And you didn’t invite me? I do not believe this. My, my, my. What am I going to do now?

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