HomeWork Zone



Now that Halloween is officially over, I have succumbed to the HomeWork Zone! I have a ton of homework to get through this weekend.  I am feeling somewhat sluggish at the moment.  Hoping someone will call to see if I have started or want to get it done together today or tomorrow.  I need moral support! ;”] Because the truth is that I really just want to crawl back in bed.  Or perhaps go on a photography adventure today.  Someone save me! Anyone?


2 thoughts on “HomeWork Zone

  1. Lifeline says:

    I drift in an d out…I sleep all day.
    I have not found the way into the zone
    Every time I reach it, it fades away from me again.
    I do not want to really get there
    and so this may be why it fades
    I only seek the zone because I have to
    I have no desire to be there
    But the anticipation of finishing my last class keeps me holding on
    barely, like clinging to life at the end of life

    …I will see you there!

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