What Am I – Belated SunDay FunDay

I am unique and mysterious.  I do not always go without an explanation and/or an answer.  Although, it is possible that I do not have a solution.  I can be an object or an occurrence.

Hint: Dr. House from the show House MD, absolutely loves me!

What Am I??

4 thoughts on “What Am I – Belated SunDay FunDay

  1. wonderlandhwy says:

    Ok, I think I was misleading here. I knew too well that the Queen of metaphors wrote the book on metaphors… sooo since I had an idea that your answer would in fact be a riddle, I guess that I didn’t clearly state that … What Am I should also be stated as being an inconsistency or irregularity! Keep searching…. I know you know this word! ;”]
    Definitely on the right Track!

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