RockAbye Baby!

I do not know much about who makes up RockAbye Baby or if it is in fact a band.  Interesting enough, they cover all sorts of  well-known albums such as The Beatles, U2, Nirvana, Metallica, Tool and many many more.  Symphonic instruments and bells are used and the albums are literally marketed to a child audience.

Some time back I came across the cover album called “Lullaby Renditions of Tool”!  I love the album.  I love how the symphonic instruments emphasize certain parts of the songs and how on other parts I can hear all the vocals in my mind in phase with the music.  It was actually a great album to listen too during my study time for finals.  Not to mention, it is relaxing.

RockAbye Baby has so many cover albums out there.  I would enjoy sampling some of their other albums.

They have the typical children’s Lullabies too if you are looking for or needing any for a child!  Check them out!  Let me know if they cover any of your favorite albums or if you dig them!


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