My Brother….

A couple of years ago, I had a family gathering at my house.  Because my brother and his wife were in a hurry to make it on time, they pulled my niece’s pajamas out of the dryer early and decided to bring them along and just dry them at my house.  Now, when they asked if they could dry them, of course it was not a problem with me and I offered to throw them in my dryer.  Well my brother decides that since they were only slightly damp that he was going to pop them in the microwave!  Now, his wife and the rest of us tried to tell him not to do that and it was no big deal, one of us could throw them in the dryer for him.  I don’t know if he just didn’t care to listen?  If he is just that stubborn? Or if he was too lazy to walk to my laundry room?  But nevertheless, before we knew it the pajamas were in the microwave to dry.  All of a sudden we all heard the noise and saw the cloud of smoke start streaming out of the microwave.  By this time, the entire family is in the kitchen watching as my brother attempts to remove the pajamas that are now on FIRE!!  Mind you, my brother’s previous profession was a firefighter, go figure?  Anyhow, the pajamas were toast and had to be thrown away.  There stood my two year old niece wondering what in the world was going on with her pajamas!  The uncontrollable laughter that followed was priceless!

This past Christmas, again I had a family gathering at my house.  When my brother and his family arrived, I informed him that he would need to be frisked of all damp pajamas before entering the house!!

Now that my niece is older, when we told her the story, she giggled hysterically, as so did the rest of us.  Oh, my brother never ceases to amaze me!  In fact, I am now recalling a few other ridiculous stories!  I will post them in due time! LOL


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