Joe Smo From Kokomo!



There is this eighty-something year old customer of mine named Joe Bridges.  But he is also known as Joe Smo from Kokomo.  A little nickname I came up with a few years back.  Joe Smo is Always calling or visiting me with urgent messages and/or requests.  Being that oftentimes these calls or visits are inappropriate on all levels, I do try to screen them.  However, over the years I have concluded that he is harmless.  Also, being that I have no doubt I could put him in an arm-bar, I always result in responding to his messages!  So one day he calls just shy of 10 times and I decide to take the call… His urgency is that the life has ended in the battery pack of his 15 yr old SONY cordless phone.  He apparently needed my help to find a new battery.  Obviously, I advised him to go to Walmart and purchase a new phone… yada..yada..yada.  I ended up telling him to have someone swing by my office and pick up this old cordless phone I knew we had.  That seemed to satisfy him until he received the phone.  It was cheap and too light to hold just like all the rest of them and insisted I call Sony to get him the battery.  Now I have seen him go from worse to worse, and due to his emphysema he now has to use an oxygen tank.  So why would this little man need the comfort of holding a five pound cordless phone all day?

I ended the conversation saying I would Google the battery pack for him as soon as I got back from some errands.  No doubt, I had to give my scouts honor.  By the time I was just about ready to head out to accomplish these errands, he had already called 3 more times… Ohhh… did I mention I dislike Sony products too?  I started wondering what I was getting myself into.  As always the task was fun and amusing… there was no way I wanted to find Joe Smo in my office when I returned… ;] And for all my generous good Samaritan deeds, he never fails to tip me with random gifts, expired candy, Altoids or watch batteries! LOL

Lately, I have been expecting to get a call with sad news.  And Wednesday I received that call.  How fortunate Joe Smo was to been blessed with a long life and the chance to see so much.  As I sit here and look at the picture of Joe as young child I wonder how time can be so cruel.  In the end, I smile with the thought of how I ended up with a childhood picture of Joe Smo anyhow.  This past August I asked him to send me a picture of him when he was in his prime!  I figured he would send me a picture of him on a submarine or picture of him in his 20s.  Instead, he gave me a picture when he was truly in his prime… when he was a kid and had all the answers!




You will be missed!

3 thoughts on “Joe Smo From Kokomo!

  1. Lisa says:

    How age can be cruel to us…not a bad looking kid Joe! But no looks could replace the experiences we endure throughout long and fulfilling lives. I am glad you had the opportunity to make this man’s life a little brighter at the end of his tunnel…you are an extra Ordinary person Alina.

    RIP Joe Smo

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