Love Song


Have I ever mentioned how much I love 311?  So much in fact, I even Love their cover songs better than the original versions!

I have had this song on my mind alot lately.  I absolutely love how I can picture Tim, SA, Nick, Peanut, and Chad all moving while they are playing their instruments.  Even makes my body start moving! Damn, I really belong in this video!

Now I’m daydreaming of Hawaii again…… ahhh Nick sing to me baby! ;]


2 thoughts on “Love Song

  1. nutritionink says:

    aww not working! But from the still frame is looks like the Love Song video by 311. That Joey and Mine’s wedding song.

  2. wonderlandhwy says:

    I was working on it in the exact moment you were viewing it! ;]

    This song is awesome…. probably millions of people’s wedding song, huh? Sounds like we have good taste!

    THanks for stoping by and be sure to listen to it now that it’s up and running! ;]

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