The Pep

This past Saturday the Pep and I went to our friend’s house to hang out.  While the boys were playing the Wii, us girls were marking it up with all of my girl’s makeup.  While I was being turned into the latest Nordstrom Mom, I was marking up the 8 year old into sweet sixteen.

Some time later, sweet sixteen’s brother asks her why she has all that stuff on her eyes.  Their mother, my girlfriend, told him not to worry about it and that it was “girl stuff”.  His next comment was implying that he knew why she did it, “to make boys like her”!  Next came the voice of the Pep, who had been observing the conversation, “Yaaaa, Boys Like Me”!  Then he quickly put his hand over his mouth when he realized again what he had said.  He was also quick to get embarrassed when they all started laughing.

It was next apparent that the Pep thought she was pretty.  The funny thing is though that he is 6 years old and only 2 years younger than her.  In a few years that might not matter at all.  The thought of the two of them possibly being boyfriend and girlfriend one day was cute and fun.  I joked with my girlfriend by saying that one day I was going to find the Pep online bidding on a horse to buy her daughter since she loves horses.  I thought, oh great, horses range in the thousands!  My girlfriend and I shared some good laughs, which was great.

The next day, I just happened to overhear the Pep telling his grandma that he just couldn’t wait to turn sixteen so that he could get a drivers license!


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