One of the blogs I enjoy reading is Composition Number Eight, where recently there was a post called “Have You Ever?”, you can check it out Here!
Well it led me to contemplate all the investments I have in others, in business and life in general. Often times, for no reason other than your personal commitment of sentiment or time, you become completely INVESTED in someone or something!  Now while, Composition number eight was without doubt referring to being invested in someone without care of receiving the investment in return, I began to wonder why I have invested so much of my time and energy into the things I have in my own life!  Today, interesting enough, I found myself feeling as if my 14 years of investing into my job/career have not exactly amounted to what I have been aiming for all these years.
In addition, just as compostion number eight has, I find myself being completely invested in others regardless of reciprocation. And to be honest, my year for simplication has led me to the conclusion to unhenge myself from 99% of these investments….
The year 2013 cannot come soon enough for me.

In the meantime, knowing who I am, I’m sure I will continue to invest….

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