“New” or “Old”

When I picked up the Pep from school today, I asked him how his day was as usual and He said it was good. Since he just transferred schools a few months ago and the last couple of weeks the new kid on the block has been bullied, I asked him how things were going with his friends too. Reminding him that he was still the new kid and that things will get better.

This was the Pep’s exact response, “I am not the “new kid” mom, I am the “old classic”, you know the kind that is rare!”

I just about died… the Pep and his friends Alex and Lily think anything that is “rare” is the coolest…..
Of course the Pep wasn’t the new plastic immitation kid, he was the “old classic rare” kid who just happened to be at a different school. Still the same gem mom, what were you thinking?


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