I Want My Donuts Back!

A few years back Seagate came out with the external 6GB storage drive with a retracting USB cable and it was designed in the shape of a donut!  This storage device, was and still is by far… my favorite!  Now that technology has progressed and 6GB no longer satisfies my “in trasit” storage capacity… I have been checking out the latest storage devices currently on the market.  Now, of course I am a fan of Seagate and they are one of the leading brands for storage devices.  However, they have completely done away with the donut design with the retracting USB cable and went with the FreeAgent style which is a flat, square, ipod looking design!  It doesn’t stop there either….. now you have to purchase the USB Doc separately in addition to the case, etc….

I am so disappointed Seagate…… your ridiculous marketing strategies are great for all the consumers out there who never even knew or saw the donut design with the retracting USB cable.  Of course everyone is all over the new flashy colors….. even me… I had to stop and say wait….

Oh, Seagate you are killing me…… If only you guys would have made 250GB or 500GB earlier, I would have the storage device I want and would be loving it right now.  I tried browsing your website and calling all your ordering and product support telephone numbers….. I can’t get through ironically due to technical difficulties with your phone systems….

I am determined though… I want a new Donut!



3 thoughts on “I Want My Donuts Back!

  1. willie says:

    its funny that u bring this topic up; i’ve been wanting a portable drive for school and i have my heart set on 500gb (dont really know why) wanted ur input on this topic.

  2. wonderlandhwy says:

    What’s up Willie…. haven’t seen you lately but been keeping my eye out on mondays….

    glad you asked… since my wonderful donuts are close to being obsolete… the FreeAgent Gos are next in line… currently Seagate has some sales going for president’s day…… Free ground shipping and 1 free dock with purchase… 250GB for $79.99, 320GB for $99.99, and 500GB for $129.99…… you can get more information on their website and here is the link http://freeagent.seagate.com/en-us/ ! I will make sure and email you too… thanks for stopping by!

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