Have You Ever Heard…..

Of someone getting bit in the eye by an army ant??

Well if you haven’t, Now you have!  THis morning an army ant bit my eyelid so close to my eye that it looks as if it was my eye that got bit…

I’m sure you are wondering “how in the world”?

There I was brushing my teeth, minding my own business when I lifted my finger to rub my eye. The army ant must have climbed on my hand and onto my finger because when I rubbed my eye, I rubbed the ant just the right way and he bit me.

Of course being allergic and all sure helped my eye swell up. haha

I jinxed myself.  Guess this incident didn’t exactly help my work load now did it.


One thought on “Have You Ever Heard…..

  1. wonderlandhwy says:

    So someone told me that you are suppose to treat ant bites as you would a jellyfish sting and piss on them….. no thank you…. I will not let you piss in my eye my friend.

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