Why can’t natural selection design an organism that lives forever?

As human beings, the bittersweet true of growing old and dying is a hard thought to digest. 

When comparing ourselves to non-human primates though, the diversity of life spans in living organisms, we can observe is very broad.  This leads us back to the though that natural selection is the process by which desired traits were systematically favored for reproduction.  If this is true then as long as reproduction was successful and was produced in the quickest amount of time, natural selection could be observed as being useful. 

It is to wonder why organisms live as long as they do.  If we consider the fact too that human primates are not any more superior then non-human primates, it leads us to the question of why life span is important.  Let’s take for example insects, they are one of the largest classes and one of the most diverse on earth.  Their life spans are not nearly as long as other primates such as mammals or reptiles.  The capability of reproduction in mammals or reptiles tends to take a longer period of time.  This perhaps could be contributed to the difference in size of mass of the organism.  Most mammals are bigger than insects by 100 times if not more.  With highly complex biological systems, time is needed for development and evolution of these systems. 

But this leaves us to ponder the question, Could cognitive thought also be a candidate to contribute to the length of time needed for evolution to occur?

  In conclusion, natural selection’s care is reproduction and evolution among population.  The faster this process takes place, the quicker the results. 


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