Friday’s Conviction Presents Sentiment to Both Sides of the Families


A court hearing this last Friday convicted Raymond Lee Oyler, the alleged arsonist on numerous counts of arson and five counts of first degree murder. This week the jury will determine whether Raymond will be sentenced with the death penalty or life in prison without parole. However, what is the appropriate sentence for a man now notorious and whose mission was accomplished??

It is astonishing how close family members play an active role in one’s life. Whether the role entails being a key witness in a trial or a witness who watches his family’s home burn down to smithereens. Possibly, your family member was one of the firefighters that were killed. Perhaps you could be the mother of Raymond Oyler or at the opposite side of the spectrum, the mother of one of the victims of which was killed.

Sentiment is felt on both sides of the spectrum. And this all reminds me of the words that someone told me, just barely a week after the devastation of the Esperanza Fire. “Terrible events will either make you as hard as a rock, or break you into pieces, will strengthen families or break them.” The choice I leave for you to decide….

And as for my family, well that is an entirely different story.


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