Sometimes Justice Takes Time….


As some of you might have already heard, Raymond Lee Oyler was sentenced to the death penalty today. A local newspaper couldn’t have posted a better article. You can check it out Here!

Gloria Najera-Ayala, mother of firefighter Daniel Hoover-Najera said, “For Mr. Oyler, I have only hope,” and “Hope that you will understand the death you have caused so many families, including your own.”

I felt that was the right thing to say. However, do people always come to realize the fact they have wasted their time? Will the road to Mr. Oyler’s death supply any useful time for him, for his family, or for the rest of us? We all seem to “have hope”, and as most things, it comes in different and diverse varieties…

And in regards to the comments made by Heather Oyler, being convicted of more than 20 counts of arson, I think shows that this man was out for more than to roast some marsh mellows over a bon fire. Regardless of all the different reasons that provoked Raymond to set the fires in the first place, it is without doubt that he aimed for complete chaos.  Funny how Raymond knew this though. Back in 2006 when he was arrested, he had made the following statement, “I didn’t start that fire, fires hurt people!” And yes this fire hurt many people in many different ways. In the case of the Esperanza fire, the hurt meant death. That is exactly what Raymond is now faced with, which too will have to take its course….

 Perhaps the most vehement reaction to the death verdict came from the chairman of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors, Jeff Stone, who spoke outside the courthouse alongside the victims’ families.  As reported by the Los Angeles Times and you can find it Here!

“It shall in no way compare to the eternal punishment that will be suffered by Raymond Oyler in hell,” he said.

For some of us though, we can only hope that there is such a form of justice…

With that said, Here are somes specs I found….

By The Numbers

Death penalty in California

Number of condemned inmates: 680

Number and percent from Riverside County: 64; 9 percent

Number of executions in California since 1978: 13

Number of condemned inmates who have died of other causes since 1978: 64

Last California execution: Clarence Ray Allen, Jan. 17, 2006

Source: California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Feb. 17, 2009, Summary


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