My Name is Earl….

For those of you who are not familiar with the TV show, My Name is Earl, the premise of the story is about a guy who won thousands of dollars on a CA lottery scratcher and as soon as he scratches it, gets hit by a car and the scratcher blows away in the air.  So while Earl is in the hospital recuperating, he comes to the conclusion that karma did not let him have his money due to all the bad things he has done.  He decides to set things straight and begins to make a list of all the bad things he has done and vows to redeem all of his actions, just as soon as he is out of the hospital.  With high hopes that his karma will change.

So lately, I have been going by the name of Earl…. since life apparently thinks I am a toilet because I keep getting shit on.  The entire network at my job was shut down by some unknown attacker… killing over half of our equipment, setting me back tremendously in my work load (since I’m the lucky IT around the joint), and outright making my life living hell.  My Land Cruiser got towed from my work and over $400 dollars later, the Sgt from my local police dept explained how the vehicle code that authorized that my car could be towed superseded the code that stated an owner could have their vehicle parked in a mutually owned parking lot opened to the public…. such nonsense…. and the towing company, what bastards, have been crusing through the parking lot at night eye-balling my plates on my other vehicle… straight up harassing me.  What politics in this town… instead of fighting crime and putting away criminals, they have to  harass a hard working individual as myself.

Things didn’t stop there either.  My refrigerator stopped working, the motor in my AC unit conked out and time has not been playing on my team.  And although I am not a superstitious person, I am beginning to wonder why this downward spiral was put into a whirl on Friday the 13th?  Did I mention that I also embarrassed myself by crying in front of the police sergeant? haha

So yesterday while trying my best to get done what I could before I had to leave to go take a calculus exam, one of my fellow co-workers had the nerve to ask for the millionth time when I would get to the issues he was having with his computer.  Could you blame me for snapping?  My commander and cheif advised that maybe I should take some time off…. and for a moment I allowed myself to dream of time off, without all the on-call mumbo jumbo.. phone calls and interruptions from my job.  Of course, then I really started thinking about all the changes that I wanted to make in my life.  Besides my deep desire to go catch some waves… I convinced myself to take a chance and put myself out there…. I applied for a new job!

Of course I have high hopes as always and regardless.  The weather has been great the last few days and I just might convince myself to take a day off and catch a few of those waves I was daydreaming about.  In the meantime though, just call me Earl…



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