Focusing & Biting My Tongue

It’s been awhile, I know. 

Just last Thursday night, I had a revelation.  I saw myself on my vertical and linear road.  I was on top of the world.  I felt contentment, I felt focused, I felt inspired and most importantly I felt that there was nothing in the world that could send me on any detours or tangents…. then came another Monday.

Low and behold, this week I feel different.  I still feel excited for the unknowns in my life, however, my mind feels clouded and unfocused.  It’s already week 11 of the current semester and will be over before I know it.  Perhaps, I’m somewhat distracted by the fact that summer is almost here. 

Besides my current unfocused state of mind, lately people have been completely and unbelievably rude.  And I am refering to complete strangers.  No joke, every time I turn around it seems someone is taking their frustration out on someone else.  Well, I am happy to admit that I have been biting my tongue and ignoring these situations altogether.  I just hope others have the ability to self-reflect from time to time.

I really need to get in gear!  Even though I only feel like rebooting my brain.  Maybe it’s just this week.  Who knows, perhaps another Monday will deliver a new theme.  I’m banking on it.


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