Be Aware When Asking A 6 Year Old For Fashion Advice…



Recently, I took the Pep shopping with me.  I was in the market for a few tank tops and a sweater. While in one particular store, I was having a little trouble deciding if I wanted to get the grey sweater or the blue sweater.  So without thinking, I asked the Pep which color he thought looked the best and that I should get.  He said the blue one.  Now the blue sweater looked as if it would fade quickly with a few washes, so I asked one girl who worked there what her opinion was.  Even though I was pretty set on the grey sweater, the girl helped convince me that the grey sweater was the right choice.


Then, from out of the blue (literally), the Pep says very loud with tears streaming down his face, “You think what I say is dumb?” and “You’re not taking my advice?” He was extremely upset that I was going to purchase the grey sweater instead of the blue one, especially since he recommended the blue.  He also mentioned that I had too much grey in my closet.  Of course I should have known better… coming from a child who’s motto is “think blue” and who believes the best color in the world is blue.  When he was younger, he had to be watched every second when using paints or markers because every chance he got, he would paint himself blue…. What have I done I thought.  As I was approaching the register, the Pep kicked me, I couldn’t believe it.  I told him that he better sit down and wait for me to get finished or else!


After I purchased the “grey” sweater and we were leaving the store, still crying, he asked “You bought the grey sweater, didn’t you and you just broke my heart.” Oh man, never again would I ask a 6 year old for advise, geez!


By the time we had gotten to JC Penny to get him a shirt, he had stopped crying.  Just then he spotted the Sonic the Hedgehog shirts.  There were two, a red one and a white one.  Now, he couldn’t decide which one he wanted.  I suggested the red since the other one was white.  Red would definitely hold up better than white on a 6 year old boy.  Wouldn’t you know it, he told me that he wasn’t going to take my advice and started walking over to the lady at the register to ask her for her advice…. What a character.  I looked at the price tag and realized that they were 50% off.  So I told him that he could get both of them for the price of one if he wanted.  He agreed to get both.  And that ended our shopping adventure.


Lately, he has pointed out whenever I wear grey or blue and the truth is, I wear a lot of grey and a lot of blue.  Needless to say, I learned my lesson… and do not recommend asking a 6 year old for their advice on clothing and colors.  He still has not let me live it down and even told his dad with tears in his eyes that I would not take his good advice.  *sigh*  Next time I go shopping.. I think I will be going solo… no doubt about it.


2 thoughts on “Be Aware When Asking A 6 Year Old For Fashion Advice…

  1. wonderlandhwy says:

    You love giving me guilts trips! ;[
    Besides, you have been sick the entire year of 2009 so far….. trust me, next time, I am all yours!!! ;]-

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