“They Say I’m A Dreamer…..”

Tis true….. “But I’m not the only one…..”

I have dreamt of some of the most random things in my lifetime and the writing on the wall indicates that the dreams are far from over.  I am by far not the superstitious type and by no means take every single dream I have to be some form of forshadowing on my life or anyone’s for that matter.  However, the most common dreams I have, believe it or not are about the weather.  Interesting enough, I can remember the first time I ever dreamt of the weather…..

I cannot remember how old I was, but according to my parents, I was young (under 4 years old for sure).  Thanks to a cold that went bad to worse, I came down scarlet fever.  My parents have told me this story on a few occassions and the interesting thing about it is that I can remember a dream that I had when I came down with this fever.  Wouldn’t you know it, it was about the weather.  In fact, to be more specific, the dream was about a volcanic eruption, a known natural disaster.  It was the type of dream too, that never ended. 

While this dream does not appear out of the ordinary, I find it puzzling and often wonder why at such a young age I would be dreaming of such a thing like a natural disaster.  Not to my surprise, I have a few reoccuring dreams and wouldn’t you know it, all but one is about the weather.

So to the present, and the reason that sparked this post was due to a recent and new dream I had.  The theme was a Japanese anime that began with a solar eclipse where the sun transitioned into the coldest cycle of it’s life which was the foreshadowing and dawning of the next Ice Age.  Next, the storm of the century rolled in…..

I often wonder how and where my mind comes up with this stuff.  I am by far not a meteorologist nor do I have any intentions of studying to become one.  In fact, I wish that I could dream of all the laws and tricks of Physics, Mathematics and Engineering.  But that might just be my “high hopes” talking wishing that my road to graduation might just be a percent less difficult.

In conclusion, I wonder when the “global warming craze” will transition into the “next ice age craze”?


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