A New Backpack For Me! Yay!


My previous backpack, a JanSport recently began to break down. One strap busted and the other one was half way there. I guess you could say it was on it’s last leg. It did however last about 10 years but then my books kept getting bigger and heavier…. until my backpack pal gave up….

I researched and browsed for a new backpack online…. and concluded that I just had to have the North Face Surge… so far it seems to be living up to it’s reviews.  It has a lot of straps though which I still need to get used to.  I’m a little surprised that it is not as spacious as I thought it was going to be, however, I didn’t really want a monstrous backpack anyway.  There is one little disappointment though… I read somewhere that this particular backpack was suppose to come with a whistle….. I searched everywhere for it but never found one.  I’m afraid I got gypped and now, I want my whistle….



I am very disappointed with my new backpack. I looked like a turtle whos shell didn’t fit its body….My back hurts….

I have researched backpacks once again and decided on a different one. Northface backpacks are not for me!

My girlfriend purchased this one too and loves it… but she doesn’t have to lug around as many books.

I really hope that this next one is perfect for me, but I am not getting my hopes up, thanks to NorthFace. I will keep you all posted.



Today is the day that my new backpack is suppose to have arrived at my friend’s house.  I’m a little excited, but be sure not to tell anyone, shhhhh! ;] 


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