Math Finals & Storms Have Connections

It never fails, every time I have a math final, I awake to some type of storm.  The previous semester I awoke to a blizzard.  It was insane.  Yesterday, I awoke to flashes of lightning and loud roaring thunder.

On a quick tangent, for some reason, I am not a very good test taker.  I tend to freeze up and panic during tests.  The night before any exam, I tend to stay awake with anxiety and the excitement of wanted to do well.  It kind of reminds me of when you’re a young child and you have been told that tomorrow is the day you have been waiting for, you are going to Disneyland.  You practically do not get any sleep because you just can’t wait for tomorrow to come.  When tomorrow finally comes you are bursting with energy despite the fact that you maybe had two winks of shut-eye.  In fact, it’s a very similar feeling only minus the part of it being something fun such as Disneyland the next day.  So anyway, just the same, I can barely sleep.  The day of the exam or test, I start sweating, I get knots in my stomach and my veins tend to pump my blood crazily through my neck and eyes, threatening to burst one of my eyeballs if I do not relax soon.  As if you haven’t noticed by now, that I tend to have a nervous personality.

So back to the lightning & thunder storm of yesterday…..

The first chance I had to look at the window, I did.  I saw the gray silk formations of rip cages and interesting swirls that are know as clouds, hovering above just waiting to pounce on anyone who had a Math final.  I was really nervous and kept my eyes out for the lightning bolt or tornado that I knew wanted to zap me or shred me to pieces. 

Luckily I was able to make it to campus just fine without being zapped or losing an eye, just to bomb the final anyway. Ugh! Better luck next semester I suppose.

My conclusion though is that these math finals have paid off the clouds to stir up some pleasant weather for their most precious and beloved day of the semester, final day.  I’m convinced the reason for this is because they love watching us college students squirm and buckle under pressure.

Wow, the Gods are mad.  And here I thought that was just a fairytale.


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