“Watch What I Can Do!”

This line goes down in history under “famous last words”. Allow me to explain. I was born into a large and somewhat strange crazy family. Back in those days there were five of us and with that many children, you know there are stories to be told. And being that we lived in the mountains… well you can just imagine the situations that us kids found ourselves in.

This particular story is about the middle child of the family, my sister. For starters, she was taller than all of us. This characteristic has been a pro and a con throughout her life and one she has always despised about herself. Growing up, my dear sister was somewhat clumsy… OK extremely clumsy. Every time I turned around she was tripping, falling or in some really awkward position.

*Recalling all the events in this moment brings a smile to my face. The kind that you can’t wipe off your face no matter how hard you try. The kind that leaves your cheeks sore… Ya that’s the smile I wear while reminiscing.*

Anyways, being the middle child really had an effect on her. Being in the shadow of the oldest, my other sister (too good for the rest of us, by the way), left her feeling as if she had to prove she was cool or something. I guess it didn’t help that I was the baby girl either for her. I never really seemed to get special treatment but nevertheless, Miss Middle Child had her complex and so her story begins…..

Below are a few short classic stories of Miss Middle Child in action…..


One day outside my dad’s work, my younger brother, miss middle and myself were playing. My sister, happened to have a “skip-it” around her ankle and she was screaming her infamous words “Watch what I can do” to by brother and I. She proceeds to go skipping-it down the hill when something went wrong and she sprung arms first into the air for a couple of feet before falling and scrapping herself up. Of course my brother and I were laughing hysterically. Miss middle came limping over with her finger pointed right at us with blame. Somehow we had made her fall, she proclaimed… and that just seemed to make us laugh even harder.


As I mentioned before, we grew up in the mountains… miles and miles away it seemed from civilization. My father had this rule that if we were inside we were to be doing chores… so us kids opt to go outside as often as we could. Well, one day as usual, my brother and I were playing, we turned our heads just in time to witness miss middle step on a rake and watch as it bounced up and smacked her in the face. Of course, after being stunned, she looked right over at us and screamed. and that just seemed to make us laugh even harder. (pobrecita)


Living in the mountains, we had our fair share of snow during winter. We used to have tons of fun on our sled and just in general. One particular winter day, again my brother, miss middle and I were fooling around in the snow. One of us got a bright idea to dive off the block wall surrounding our yard into the mountain of snow. Wouldn’t you know it, miss middle insisted on jumping first. Off the wall she dove as she yelled “Watch what I can do”, right before landing on a shovel. Little did we know the mountain of snow wasn’t exactly a mountain of snow.


Near our house, there was a camping resort. Our family spent more summers at this resort than I can even remember. One summer our grandparents came up to camp with us. After we ate dinner, all of us kids were cruising around on our bikes. Somehow, miss middle was trying to pull off some stunt when instead she fell off her bike. She proceeded to sit there for a moment before our mom was screaming at her to get up and go sit in the trailer. Funny thing was, every time she sat down, she screamed bloody murder. My mom had about enough of her streaming and spanked her butt. That just seemed to make her scream even louder. After that, my grandma spoke up and suggested that maybe something was wrong with her butt. Down my sister’s pants went and to all of our surprise, her pants were full of red ants! Every time she sat down, the ants would bite and sting her butt. Apparently when she had fallen off her bike, she fell on top of an ant hill and must not have noticed. She experienced the true meaning of “Ants in your pants will make you do the boogie dance”. Ouch!


One night while the three of us were brushing our teeth, getting ready for bed, miss middle’s light bulb turns on and she decides to stand on top of the portable heater and sway back and forth as a surfer would. Again, pronouncing her famous words “Watch what I can do” just before toppling over and causing my brother and I to spit our toothpaste out with laughter. I think we might have laughed all the way to our beds that night.


One day Miss middle decides she is a super hero and that she can fly! Of course, she proclaims she is a better super hero than me right before leaping from one of our beds to the other. Observing all she did was really jump from one bed to the other, I decided that I was just as good at being a super hero as she was. So next in line, I screamed “super woman” just before leaping to the other bed too…. The only problem was, I wasn’t as tall or long as miss middle so I didn’t quite make it. Instead, I instantly fell short of the bed and crashed into the metal frame of the bed. I ended up getting rushed to the hospital to be diagnosed with a broken collarbone! (recently, miss middle child mentioned to me that she pushed me off the bed. I don’t remember that part and frankly wouldn’t blame her. I attribute the break due to my poor judgment. I guess I was smaller than I thought!) Luckily for miss middle, she didn’t get hurt that time. However, two weeks later was a different story….

In our yard, there was this huge rock. Throughout the years, we had turned it into the coolest space shuttle ever to exist. Due to the fact that I had a broken collarbone, I was prohibited to climb the rock. In the meantime, the rest of my siblings were having a typical blast off adventure. Then suddenly Miss middle decides that she is going to jump off the rock. That’s right… she just dove off. Turned out, that our oldest sister was teasing her with a stick that had nasty trash on the end of it. Basically, she had no choice but to dive off the rock. After a fit of tears, my mom ended up rushing miss middle to the hospital to be diagnosed with a broken collarbone! What an irony huh? I recall the two of us getting strapped into our braces one after the other…. She could no longer tease me because she was now in the same boat!


There are no doubt, many more stories of Miss middle in action. Now years and years later, we can remember back and this time she laughs with us. She finally grew into her legs and out of that clumsy phase that seemed to last her entire childhood. To watch someone you love grow into one of the most beautiful people you could ever meet is an experience of its own. She is by far one of the silliest people I know. If you ever get the chance to meet her or spend some time with her, you will not be let down. She loves adventure, having fun and is one of the most heart-felt individuals I have ever met. I must admit that she is by far one of the best friends I have ever had in my life time, only with a bonus, she is my sister.

P.S. If you ever do get the chance to meet her or spend time with her, there are two things not to forget: don’t play poker with her unless you are willing to just hand over your money to her wallet and never ever and I mean never take her turn at darts… or you’ll be sorry. Consider yourself warned! ;]


5 thoughts on ““Watch What I Can Do!”

  1. Dawn says:

    Omg…u had me rolling! Those were great stories! I enjoyed them very much! My favorite story is “Skip it”….lmfao!

  2. Miss Middle says:

    With my cheeks stiff from smiling as I read this, I finished reading it with tears in my eyes. Of course, my memories differ slightly from yours, however, I was the BIGGEST klutz in history. (I think, and if I am wrong, I am sorry for the other person). Funny how my pain has somehow turned into joy for many, and is the topic of many great conversations.

    But, thanks for the kind words…you have made me feel special and I love you.

    Miss Middle

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