I’m A Staedtler Fan!

staedtler graphite 925


Back in my naive pencil writing days, you can imagine how I used to write with anything I could get my hands on.  All the typical crap… no. 2s, Bic mechanicals, papermates, etc.

But then the classes I was taking at the time began to get more intense.  This meant intense note writing and tons of paper used to make up the books of homework I was to turn in.  So how in the world could I keep up with all this? Especially when my lead seemed to break every two seconds?  Especially when the mechanical pencils I was using always seemed to malfunction at the proper moment?  Then the light bulb turned on and I took a trip to my local Staples.  I ended up finding the loves of my life (even though, I didn’t quite know it yet).  I spent a lot of money on all the drafting mechanical pencils available.  Open-minded to all brands.

After much usage of all brands, I suddenly found myself not being able to use anything other than my Staedtler Mars Draft!  I even have to guard it with my life sometimes!  And for those of you who own one, well you understand exactly what I am talking about, don’t you?

I love Staedtler’s polymer erasers too.  They are fabulous!  They even smell good! ;]

And now, as I sit in class, especially Math class, I occasionally glance around and chuckle as I watch all the naive students hassle with their pencils.


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