Street Fair Experience

The Pep, his Grandma and I decided to check out one of the local street fairs in our area last night.  This one just up and running on Tuesday nights.  With the heat yesterday, I was dying to get something to drink.  That’s when I remembered that I had forgotten to bring some cash with me.  Luckily, there is a Rite Aid right in the shopping center where the street fair takes place.  So the three of us cruised into the store and proceeded to wait in line so we could pay for my drink, the Pep’s hershey bar, and also so I could get some cash back.  When it was finally our turn, the cashier was having difficulty processing my card.  Her response was, “I have no idea what this message on my screen means!”  That’s when she started fanning herself and leaned down to rest her head on the counter.  Right when Grandma was asking this cashier if she was alright, she fell over passing out and cracked her head on the side of the counter.  Of course Grandma was screaming for someone to help this poor girl.  Finally she stood back up, right when two of her co-workers came to her side.  THe shift supervisor keep saying, “do you need to sit down”? Ok wait a minute… this poor girl just toppled over, cracked her head on the counter and her supervisor is asking her if she needs to sit down! Ya think?

The supervisor finally completes our transaction, but there stood the Pep, eyes wide with his Hershey bar.  “Wow”, he says, “I’ve never seen a real person fall and pass out before!” For him, I guess it was better than the movies.

As we were leaving the street fair, we saw and heard the fire truck and ambulance rushing to Rite Aid.  Hopefully that poor girl is alright.  It just makes me wonder if her supervisor had relieved her for a break, especially in that heat.  Yikes!


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