I’m A Believer…

that no good deed goes unpunished!


Tonight I decided to stop by my work with my son to use the internet. As we entered the lobby, Cyrus points out the long ant trail leading to the kitchen. At first I told him to ignore it but that didn’t go too well. For some reason Cyrus freaks out over ants and asked if there was something I could do to get rid of them for everyone in the office. Being the good Samaritan that I am, I decided to follow the trail of ants to figure out just what they were after. As I walked into the kitchen I noticed the trail leading to the counter where someone had left traces of tuna in the sink. Now seriously folks, tuna? If you are a tuna lover, then you are aware that this is one of ant’s favorite things to hunt and eat. So why in the world would you leave tuna chunks in the damn sink?? I stayed calm as I attempted to clean the sink and spray the ant trail. As I was bending over, my elbow caught the side of a glass pitcher sitting on the edge of the mini refrigerator. No doubt the glass pitcher went crashing down onto the floor breaking into a trillion pieces.

And a trillion pieces was accurate. So instead of cleaning up someone else’s tuna mess and attempting to rid our office of ants, I was busy sweeping up different sized fragments of glass. Not to my surprise, a dustpan was no where in sight, let alone in the entire building!! Unbelievable!! I had to sweep it all up with a file folder and this my friends is not the easiest tool when you are dealing with microscopic fragments and pieces of glass. I ended up resorting to posting a *Caution* sign to hold me over until I could properly clean the mess.

Good God, if only I would have not cared about the army of ants…….

Of course once I was able to sit down and use the internet, the website that I had come to use in the first place was down!

So there you have it!


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